MobiusMBL Why Use MobiusMBL

Why Use MobiusMBL To Build Your Business Website? 

That's a great question! There are many, many professional and capable web developers in the market, any of which would do a great job for you.

So can we. We develop professional websites, but more than that, MobiusMBL have a deep background in both IT and the business process world, covering a great variety of business areas and industries.

  • We build 'responsive' designs into our websites
    • this means that your website can be viewed on a variety of devices, from mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops and desktops.
  • We have sound business management experience, which allied to our technical knowledge gives us a lead in developing a product which is not simply a pretty website, but one which can cater for the needs of today, with the possibility for expansion into the future.
  • We consider the look and feel of your business, its brand, the market you are engaged in, as well as the technical requirements of the actual site.
  • We have all the technical bases covered, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), etc.
    • We can advise you on the best ways to continue maintaining your website to ensure effective marketing and search engine results.
  • MobiusMBL organises most of your SEO upfront, for absolutely no fee....  its just part of the service to our clients.
  • We listen to what you need, what your requirements are, and what goals you want to achieve.
    • More importantly though......  once we listen to what you say, we will give you our opinions on what we think are the best strategies to acheive these goals.
    • It would be much easier for us to simply build the product that you want, according to the requirements you have specifically stated, and not question you.....   sort of "the client is always right" attitude.
    • We dont necessarily believe in this approach to the fullest extent.
  • Lets clear this one up immediately........  Be assured that you will always get what you ask for. If you tell us that you want an 'XZY' facility on your website, and we think it should be an 'ABC' facility, then we will tell you that. We will of course also give you our reasoning for this suggestion.
    • If then, after considering our input, you still decide that it is the 'XYZ' facility you want, then that is what you will get. The important point here is that you have heard the rationale for an alternative, you have considered it, and you have rejected it.
    • You have done your part in considering the options, and we have done our part in making recommendations.......  your views and requirements are what matters.
  • We provide training at no cost to you, to enable you to maintain your website content yourself.
    • This training occurs in the few weeks leading up to the go-live, and in the 4 weeks after go-live
  • We provide a 4 week period after go-live, where any administration issues are addressed for no cost.
    • this can literally be anything. If you have forgotten a particular area of training, or if you need to do something unusual, which was not covered in training, we are there to help, at no cost.
    • If you want to add a facility to the site in this period (depending on the extent of course), this will generally be done for no charge
  • The bottom line is that we are there before and after go-live, and will generally not charge for work done in this period (the 4 weeks after go-live).


So What Will This Cost

Now we come to the 64 million dollar question.....   that of cost to you.

Our rates, and this is a guarantee, are unrivaled in the industry. You will, (on average), be charged at least twice as much by another professional development company, as MobiusMBL will charge. This needs an explanation. It by no means suggests that the skills, experience or work produced by MobiusMBL is of lesser quality than developers charging twice as much as us (in fact... we would confidently say that our skills are equivalent, or greater than many in the industry). This is simply because we have been doing it for so long. The IT industry has been a lifelong career for us.

Rather than continue here, you can read more about our philosophy on rates in this article 'About Us', or in this one 'Keeping Our Costs Down'.

Expertise in Interactive Web Design

Our goal in designing a Web site for you is to create a site that is not only visually appealing to your audiences, but delivers on your business and marketing goals.

Whether we are creating a site to communicate the value of your brand or product, or a complex Web application that seamlessly integrates myriad back-end systems, we work with you, to ensure the most engaging experience possible.

Our process begins by gaining a in-depth understanding your business. Examination of your technical and corporate culture aids us in developing a concrete solution roadmap.

Creative Approach to Web Development

We use an iterative and collaborative approach to ensure all key stakeholders are involved in the design process, and we develop user models with clickable prototypes to simulate the eventual user experience.

We then design, test and refine the prototype models with you. This dynamic approach fuses information architecture with creative design to provide you with an experience that not only brings life and vitality to your brand, but also provides value to your business.

We use contemporary design aesthetics, proven product management practices, enterprise-level technology expertise and strong business process management experience to define, design and engineer Web sites and Web applications to meet your needs today and scale to support the growth your success will bring.

So Why Use Us?

Because, like the banner at the top.....  we're not like all the others.