Kinetic Typography Animations

A Catchy Animated Short Marketing Video


AARecruit Kinetic These are short 1 to 2 minute animated slide videos, where the words bounce about.  The number of words is limited, and the exact number depends on the structure and message (should be enough to cover all cases though).

Kinetic typography—the technical name for "moving text"—is an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation.

An animation like this example costs $60.00, created and loaded to your website, with royalty-free music. (Check it out here).

There are thousands of kinetic typography animation examples on the interent..... 


There are thousands of kinetic typography animation examples on the interent.....The structure is very flexible, and can incorporate sketches (like the logo in this example, which can be drawn with a hand and pen, or not hand-drawn).

These, like whiteboard animations, are becommng very popular on modern websites.

These short videos are perfect for marketing, advertising, and quick product introductions  (Don't over-do it though.....  one or two on your site is plenty).

They can involve any or all of:

  • animated use of images,
  • shapes,
  • characters,
  • sounds and voice-overs to create a clip.

By entertaining your viewer to communicate your message in a unique way, you can be sure that it is effective and that your call to action gets heard.

If you want to create these animations yourself, there are several tools that allow you to easily put together an animated video with simple drag and drop functionality.

If you want to use this DIY option, I will help you with it at no cost to you (you must purchase the software of course).

If you want this on your site, (and you want me to do it), just send me:

  • Some bullet point ideas of what it is you want to convey
  • The text you want (175-200 words... maybe more depending on the overall length)
  • If you want specific music (and you must have the rights to this!), send a 2 minute clip in MP3 format, otherwise I will source a royalty-free one
  • If you want to do the voice-over yourself, send a 2 minute recorded clip in MP3 format


 Check out the example below: