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This menu option contains some material which is restricted to clients only.

You must be logged on to the site, and also (for some options), a current or recent client.

We are not keeping any secrets here, its just that this is a service which casual visitors probably wouldn't have an interest in.

You know, the meaning of life.... .  next weeks lotto numbers.....  boring stuff really.......

Should you wish to register on the site to view this material, please use this registration link.


Once rergistered, you will have access to materials under the  "Client Support"  menu, such as  :

client access support items


and also you will have access to materials under the  "Client Resources"  menu, such as  :

client access resources items


But there are some other articles of a general nature.


Here's an interesting link though...  ar at least we think it is.....  it discusses the template approach to building websites.

or another one on the Hedgehog Concept (Jim Collin's term for a strategic focus, to guide decision making, strategy execution, competency development, etc.)


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