Why should I use a Content Delivery Network or CDN?

User Experience: If your site loads faster for your site’s visitors, then it is more likely that they will stay on the site and also come back for other visits.

Reduce Server Load: Having your content cached on servers all over the world not only makes your site faster, it also reduces the amount of load on your server for those resources and the amount of bandwidth you have to pay for.

Reduce Latency: If your server is located in the United States, but your visitors are also coming from places like Europe or Asia, it will take longer for the site to load going directly to your server for those visitors. Having the static content cached and delivered from a node closer to them will greatly reduce any latency they experience.

Traffic surges or spikes:
If you suddenly have a great crush of traffic to your site because of a major news or online event, your server may not be able to cope with the additional visitors hitting the site and may go down. Having a CDN in front of the site will greatly reduce the probability that your site will go down.


Add another layer of security from Spammers, SQL Injection attacks, and DDOS attacks from the script kiddies.

By having to go through the CDN first, it is just another layer of protection to keep your site and your visitors safe!

It also offers services like obscuring email addresses and preventing hot linking of your images.

Block by Country of Origin

You can even block entire countries of origin if you wish. (or by IP Address) We can setup the CND to block those countries which you receive the least amount of traffic and present the largest amount of threats.

In my case I have come across spammers from Russia, China, Poland, Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and a few others, so these countries can be blocked.

Of course if they still want to visit there are ways around it.

So, Should You Use A CDN?

Well, that depends really. If you don’t get much traffic and if your site loads quickly as it is, then maybe not. But if you want the added security and speed you get with a CDN then I say for sure!

So my going-in position is to say YES.