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Web Design, Business Process Analysis, Application Integration & Network Design

Yes, we do a lot of website development, but thats not the only thing we so.

Having had a lifetime career in the IT industry, we have the experience and ability to provide a complete end-to-end Information Technology (IT) service to our clients, though since we are a small business ourselves, we focus on delivering our services to the Small Business area.

Our primary focus is on:

  • Developing Internet Web Sites for our Small Business clients, including registration of Domain Names and provision of web hosting services
  • Business Process Analysis,
  • Application Integration,
  • Network Design.

Web Design

We use the Joomla open source Content Management System (CMS) to develop comprehensive and professional web sites for our Small Business clients. More information on CMS can be found by following this link.

Most of our projects will follow the same general process:

  • We will meet with you to introduce ourselves, and to assess and evaluate your requirements
  • Determine the degree of content you require and if you have that content available. This will include banners, logos and pictures. This is often the most time consuming aspect of web site development. The problem is that we cannot determine your content, only you can do that. If you have it available in soft copy, excellent, we can take it and format everything in a standard format for presentation on the screen. If it is not available though, you will need to work on that.
  • At the meeting, we will run you through a selection of templates and hopefully choose one for prototyping. This is not hard and fast, and can be changed by you at will during the development.
  • We will then take some time to analyse the information collected, and present you with a firm quotation for the work
  • We will prototype an overall structure for your website, hopefully with your content inserted. You can then review this.
  • We continue to build and revise the design with you until you are satisfied
  • Once you are happy with the overall package, we conduct extensive testing and debugging, both in our own premises, and once we are happy, we continue that testing with you, making revisions where required.
  • Once you are happy with the project, we will then transport the web site to your hosting environment

If required, we can then discuss arrangements for administration of your site. In many, if not most cases, you will be able to do this yourself, perhaps after some training delivered by us.

Alternatively, we can discuss a cost effective arrangement whereby we maintain the site on your behalf. This will include a Service Level Agreement, where we outline our commitment to you and the responsibilities of both your representatives and ours.

That’s it! You will now be live on the internet.

Depending on the availability of your content, (and on the level of communication between us), we can generally get your professional website up and running in less than six weeks (constant communication is vital....  if we dont hear from you for a week, then obviously, that is a week added to the delivery time :-) :-) .

Of course, projects that require extensive programming will take a longer time and can take up to 6-8 weeks to complete.

Business Process Analysis

  • A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organisational goal. 
  • Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving those processes.The processes will range from the lower, almost task level, to the departmental, and ultimately total business level. At each level up, the processes will become more complex, wide reaching, and will generally summarise or encompass the lower level processes. 
  • As Business Process analysts, Mobius MBL will investigate and document the current state, and suggest improvements. 
  • With our clients business management cooperation, we can design and document a future state process model, and assist in the realisation of that model if required. 
  • This will often. (but not necessarily),  involve a re-appraisal of the existing applications and systems architecture.

Application Integration

  • Many computer applications developed in isolation, do not have the ability to easily integrate with each other. The goal of Applications Integration is to (where possible), integrate these "information silos" to the benefit of the whole business, giving users the ability to search the whole enterprise data for the information they require. 
  • This is aimed at simplifying and automating business processes to the greatest extent possible, while at the same time avoiding having to make sweeping changes to the existing applications or data structures. Systems like everything else, need to evolve, change and adapt.
  • As application analysts, Mobius MBL will investigate, and where applicable recommend and implement changes to achieve as much integration as practical.

Network Design

Lets be honest - this is not our core skill. That said though, we DO have the capability to advise, and in most cases (SME systems), to implement network design on behalf of our clients, which we have done in a munber of cases.

Where the network requirements are more complex, and exceed our in-house capability, we have the IT background skills to be able to select appropriate network installers, and project manage the installation. 

This background in IT gives us the ability to understand the technical requirements and to liaise with engineers and technicians, to ensure that our clients receive the very best service and information in terms of implementing their network infrastructure.


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