Support tickets should be raised in order to alert us to an issue or a problem that you wish our support team to address. This tutorial explains how to create support tickets.

warning triangle You do NOT need to have a Maintenance Plan with us in order to create support tickets.  Should the issue be a perceived bug, this will be investigated at no cost to you. If a bug exists, it will be rectified, again at no cost to you. It should be noted however, that the determination of what constitutes a bug is soley at the discretion of MobiusMBL. Often bugs are perceived, when in fact, the issue is really one of clients not liking how the system performs. An "issue" is NOT a bug if the system is designed to work in the way it does.
warning triangle If the support ticket is for a maintenance or deveopment task, you WILL need to have a Maintenance Plan with us in place.
If you do not currently have a Maintenance Plan with us, and feel you need one, you can book time in various blocks by using this link to MobiusMBL Maintenance Plans.


Step 1. Creating the support ticket.

arrow bullet Select the ‘Submit A Support Ticket’ link.

arrow bullet You will then be redirected to the ‘Create Support Ticket’ page.

Step 2. Entering ticket details

Here you can fill out the ticket details of the issue you want to raise.

You can choose your own priority and category for the ticket, and add more information in the message. You can also upload attachments (up to 3), if more details is required.

arrow bullet The summary should contain a concise description of your requirements or problem. It is beneficial to include the URL of your website if appropriate.

In the large “Message” text box, provide as much information as possible. If you don’t provide enough information, we’ll have to ask you more questions which takes more time. It’s better to supply too much rather than too little information (you can also use the "Upload Attachments" option as well.

Click the “Submit Ticket” button in order to create the issue – the issue confirmation screen will then be displayed, and you will receice a confirming email.

You can view and edit the details of all your OPEN   tickets by using the “List/Manage Your Support Tickets” link under the main Support menu option (again, you must be loggen in to the site).

Once you are satisfied that all information has been recorded in the ticket, please click the Submit” button.

If you are unable to create a ticket, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us by phone.


A maximum of three (3) attachments are permitted on each support ticket.

These can be of any of the following file types:

Excel file (.xls / .xlsx)

MS Word document (.doc / .docx)

PDF (.pdf)

Text (.txt)

Zip file (.zip / gzip)

Picture / Image file (.jpg / .jepg / .png / .gif)