Domain Name & Web Hosting  Renewals


Please note that the following discussion refers to "Domain Name" registration and Web Hosting" registration. For this discussion, these can be regarded almost as one and the same thing, although separate fees apply (since they are separate services, provided by separate companies).

All conditions and timing related to Domain Names, also apply to Web Hosting, although Domain Name registration, expiry and "undelegation" is a more formal process.

So, for this discussion, although they are separate fees, and separate services  (technically), please regard them as the same for simplicity.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I renew my Domain Name / Web Hosting?

You can renew your Domain Name / Web Hosting:

  • Any time during the current registration period.
  • Within 30 days after expiry of the current registration period.


Will I receive a renewal reminder for my Domain Name / Web Hosting expiry?

  • You will receive a number of renewal reminders, both weekly, starting at 40 days (approximately) before expiry, then daily at 14 days (approximately) before expiry of the current registration period.
  • A day after expiry, you will receive a Notice of Expiry.
  • This notification is to make you aware of the impending renewal of your Domain Name / Web Hosting, and the consequences if it is not renewed.
  • Note: Renewal reminders are sent via email to the Registrant, Administration and Billing contact email address specified at the time of registering the Domain Name.


What happens to my Domain Name if it is not renewed?

  • If you have not renewed your Domain Name before its expiry, you still have a total of 30 days after the expiry within which you can still renew the registration.
  • During this period following are milestones should be noted:
    • The Domain Name expires (The expiry time is calculated according to Australian time)
    • Notice of Expiry is issued
    • A day after expiry of the current registration period, a Notice of Expiry will be emailed to the Registrant, and the Administrative and Billing contacts of the Domain Name.
    • Domain Name is "undelegated" 3 days after expiry. Please note that this is out of my control, and is a formal, and international Domain Name Registry process
    • This means that the Domain Name registry will remove your Domain Name from the zone file. At this point (3 days after expiry), your email and Website will be made inoperable.
    • Domain Name is cancelled
    • Your website and email addresses will also be backed up, then physically removed at the same time, so you will have no access to:
      • Web site services
      • FTP services
      • Email services
    • At the close of the 30-day period, your Domain Name will be deleted from the Domain Name registry's internal database.
    • Thereafter it will be available for registration by another party.
    • This means that you will no longer own that particular Domain Name. You will need to then submit a fresh application.


Can I renew my Domain Name after it expires? Is there a penalty?

  • You have up to 30 days after expiry of the current registration period of your Domain Name, within which you can renew the registration.
  • There is no extra fee for renewing 'late'. However,it is important to remember that 3 days after expiry of your Domain Name, it will be undelegated.
  • This means that your Website and email address will also be inoperable.


Does renewing my Domain Name automatically renew its corresponding email address?

  • Technically, No, renewing your Domain Name domain name does not automatically renew the corresponding email address and vice versa.
  • This is because the Domain Name is totally separate from the web hosting and email.
  • Practically though, the answer is Yes, because I will invoice you for both Domain Name and Web Hosting at the same time, and the registration period will be the same for both.


Can I renew my Domain Name and/or email address separately?

  • Technically, Yes, they are two separate products, and are supplied by two separate service companies.
  • Many web designers incorporate both the domain registration and web hosting under the same service provider.
    • This has the advantage of simplicity, but I believe reduces flexibility.
  • Your current environment (separate domain and hosting), is transparent to you in terms of registration.
  • Since the hosting and domain registration are generally done at the same time, they both expire at the same time of course.
  • This means that most clients pay only one single fee which can be regarded as domain/web hosting.
    • I then submit the individual payments to the relevant service providers, making the whole process tansparent.