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Google Image Search


There are many ways to search for images on the internet. This is just one quick method.   

Always be aware of copyright on images you might want to use.


The following describes only one process to download images, and of course, always be aware of copyright issues.

Once you have some pictures, from whichever source, put them in to the folder.

You can use any search facility for this image search (Google Bing etc…. I normally use Google).

If you are going to use Google, here’s what I would suggest:

  • Go into Google images search
  • Enter the search keywords You will get the basic screen, but click on the “Advanced Search” cog at the right hand side of the screen (as in image 1 below)
  • Then select whichever options you want on the next (Advanced) screen….. especially the “Size” and “Aspect Ratio” fields (as in image 2 below)
  • Then click on the blue Advanced Search button at the bottom of the screen (as in image 2 below)
  • This will display the images, (as in image 3 below)


Image 1: - Select The "Advanced Search" Screen


Image 2: - Select The Fields To Narrow Your Search Results

google- image search 2


Image 3: - The Results Screen (this screen displays thumbnails)

google- image search 3


After this, different browsers work in different ways to view and download the actual images

The images you see on the results screen are generally only thumbnails, so to view the larger image, you will probably have to click on it, and THEN right click to save it to your computer.

  • Initial images screen as in image 3 below, displays only thumbnails, and this is a Firefox browser screen, so yours might be different.
  • Clicking on one of the images displays it in detail , and right-clicking on the actual image will download it to your computer (as in image 4 below).



Image 4: - The Full Sized Image

Clicking n the image will display it in its full size. If you wish to download an image, right click this full sized one and save it to your computer.

Remember copyright restrictions!